• Micro Etudes by Elisabeth Parry. Short melodic technique exercises for flute. Flute sonority, finger exercises, articulation, embouchure exercises.
    Flute music

    Parry Micro Etudes: Melodic Technique Exercises for Flute


    Melodic flute technique exercises in keys up to four sharps and flats. Flute sonority, fingers, embouchure flexibility, high notes, articulation and intonation. Plus free playalong accompaniment tracks.

  • Marcus Roberts Resonance for Solo Flute, a melodic and accessible piece with extended techniques.
    Flute music

    Roberts Resonance for solo flute with extended techniques


    For solo flute with extended techniques. Fingerings for multiphonics are included on the score. A prize-winning addition to the solo flute repertoire.

    This is a melodic and accessible new piece for solo flute ideal for performers beginning to explore extended techniques, especially multiphonics.

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